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Our student volunteer, Jess, shares her experience

"In September I began fortnightly voluntary work here at Chapeltown Community Nursery where I have been working with a member of the management committee - Geraldine - in hopes of setting up an antenatal and postnatal group.

As I’m in my final year of A-levels and hoping to go on to study Midwifery, this placement has benefited me as it’s given me the opportunity to work alongside an independent midwife, Claire, who has opened my eyes to the realities and hard work of midwives in the NHS.

Working with Chapeltown Community Nursery has helped to build my confidence and knowledge, with their encouragement and generosity with the time they have given me. I’m looking forward to progressing with the antenatal and postnatal group as insight to different maternal experiences will be hugely beneficial to me on my pathway to becoming a midwife."

At our nursery we are always looking for ways to support people wanting to begin a career in childcare offering opportunities including student placements and apprenticeships. Knowing that there is currently a shortage of midwives, we were keen to work with Jess and introduce her to both parents-to-be and those willing to share their experiences of birth and post natal care.

If you would like to know more about our pre and post natal drop in session or volunteering and collaborative opportunities at our nursery please get in touch.

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