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Sources of funding


Leeds Inspired

Art Development

We are so grateful to the support of our local community, including our current and ex-parents who suggested we explore working with local artists rather than photography companies. Support from Leeds Inspired has enabled us to devise special events and workshop activities for our community in 2021.



Nursery Food Funding

In 2022 we were successful in our application for funding from the Speedomick Foundation, which helped us to remove the extra costs parents have to pay for food at nursery.


The National Lottery

Awards For All

The National Lottery Community Fund gives grants to organisations in the UK to help improve their communities.
In 2018 Chapeltown Community Nursery was the recipient of a small grant to extend the use of our setting to the wider community and a broader age range.
In 2020 we were successful in applying for a further grant to support our community Covid-19 response working with a range of organisations across Leeds to meet the needs of our local community, including reaching over 100 households with Mini Playboxes. From 2021 to 2022 we have been working with local artists developing our "Let's Move" programme of music and movement to engage young children and families throughout our community. We are hoping to extend this project into 2023 with further support. Thank you to all the lottery players for enabling us to continue doing vital work in our community.

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Arnold Clark Community Fund

A boost for our outdoors activities

With support from funds like Arnold Clark and also the MOTO Charity we have been even more ambitious in our outdoors plans, such as investing in new equipment for our little gardeners.


On A Roll Sushi

Rent income from our building

When local parent and pop-up business owner, Dana Llewellyn, got in touch about using kitchen space in the pandemic we were delighted to be of help... over the last year our businesses have been able to support each other and form a mutually beneficial relationship. We now work with a range of people from hosting birthday parties with local parents to offering a rehearsal space for small arts organisations... but this all started with Dana.


Leeds Community Foundation

Making a difference where it is needed

We have really enjoyed working with Leeds Community Foundation - they support thousands of charities and voluntary groups across the city addressing inequalities and working together to help create opportunities for those that need help the most. From 2021 to 2023 we will be working with the Foundation exploring ways to update, maintain and sustain our community space and nursery, preparing us for an uncertain future.


Seedlings Foundation

Support from a small charitable grant giver based in West Yorkshire

We were delighted to be supported by Seedlings to promote wellbeing both by investing in our staff team and in our resources for outdoor play in 2022.


Housing Advisory Panel and Local Councillors

Serving our wide community

In 2021 we received support from our local councillors and Housing Advisory Panel (a tenant led group, who review the delivery of local housing services and monitor local performance) as well as support from our local council on managing the unexpected additional costs of the pandemic. The Housing Advisory Panel has a budget that has allowed them to give grant funding to enable us to benefit tenants and the local community.

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Wades Charity

Sharing our passion for community green spaces

Following our previous work together developing a community orchard next to our nursery, we reached out to Wades to help us achieve ambitious plans to design our outdoors area. It is great to work with funders who share our charitable objectives such as the the provision of facilities for recreation.



Linking charities with business specialists

Recent years have been challenging for community organisations, early years settings and charities so we have been looking for ways to embrace different perspectives in running Chapeltown Community Nursery including embracing support offered by Pilotlight in 2021. Two years after participating in the Pilotlight Programme, charities have, on average, increased their income by 27%.

Current Funding In The Nursery

Here are the details of all the funding we currently have going on in the nursery!


Funding from Charitable Trusts and Foundations

In 2022-2023 we have been supported by trusts such as Sir George Martin and George A Moore to ensure that we can offer necessary support to children, families and our wider community including our staff team. Leeds Community Foundation are continuing to support us in becoming more sustainable following the impact of Covid-19, alongside an increase in the cost of living.

Let's Move Music and Movement

We received funding from The National Lottery Awards For All allowing us to run a 9 month project, led by Rachel Dean Dance, that brings musicians and dancers into the nursery every term time week. This has provided local children with exciting and stimulating activities focussing on music and movement! We are delighted to be able to share a film giving you a taster of this collaboration above. We are working on a further funding bid to carry on this work into 2023.

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