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Celebrating 34 years of Black History Month

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

In Black History Month we are reflecting on leaders that have shaped our organisation and wider area such as our former trustee, Norma Hutchinson (pictured here with the Most Honourable PJ Patterson, sixth president of Jamaica).

We are passionate about having leaders, staff and resources that reflect our diverse communities and developing a curriculum that reflects our values... so this month we are particularly pleased to be supporting - and be supported by - a fundraiser by CA Spaces aiming to ensure that local

schools and preschools have books with diverse characters and subjects that better reflect their readers' interests.

The books will be sourced from local business, The Little Bookshop, who specialise in children's books. They have been very supportive in stocking our Swap and Share little library so we are glad to be working with them again.

You can learn more about the fundraiser, which you are welcome to share or make a donation to, here:

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