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Make The Paint Dance Musical Piece

The children recently helped local award-winning not for profit organisation, Make The Paint Dance in their latest musical creation! They ran a session based around child-led story telling, making sounds found in the story, musical performance and improvisation games in order to sample sounds to use in the piece of music created.

The children loved using the surrounding environment of the nursery in such a different setting to help James and Megan create a new piece of music. They loved the event and had such a great time.

The musical piece is now finished and available for download and streaming on soundcloud and bandcamp, with links down below. You can also find the trailer for it on youtube. Take a look at what the children helped create!

Thank you to Make The Paint Dance and Megan and James for running the event and giving the children the opportunity to take part in something so fun!

Learn more about Make The Paint Dance here!

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